Hi – my name is Simon Bailey

If you’re here to pick up some tips about writing – then you’re in the right place.

Firstly – when I talk about writing – I mean writing for the Internet and other forms of commercial writing.

Commercial writing is very different to any writing you may have done before. This has nothing to do with literary writing and nothing to do with . . . well – check out the website and you’ll see what I mean.

Over the coming months, I will be expanding this website to include informative articles on all aspects of art, including photography, graphic art and most importantly, how to market yourself so you can make a decent living from your passion.

Briefly – Who am I?

My background is international finance where I bought and sold big-ticket items all over the world for American, Japanese, European and British financial institutions.

I have been on many sales training courses – and have done face-to-face selling for a variety of products such as wall-coatings and utilities that include telephone services and gas/electricity supplies.

I worked for a few years arranging offshore software development projects in Ireland, India and Poland. I also marketed software products using media placements and advertorials.

I’m now a freelance Commercial Writer with a good number of years experience under my belt. I have a list of clients from many sectors of industry and working for some large and small enterprises, I write corporate text for websites, blog content, newsletters, sales letters and Internet Marketing articles.

Anyway – that’s more than enough about me.

What is this website about?

Many people seem to struggle with writing.

While there may be many great thoughts running through those grey cells – when it comes to tapping out meaningful stuff on a computer keyboard, a kind of paralysis often strikes.

The object of this website is to try and oil those wheels and get the thoughts flowing.

I want to address some of the important psychological issues and tricks that might help to make your writing work better.

I wish you great success.


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