“OraMD – Does it REALLY Cure Gum Disease ? . . . Can I Trust It ? . . . And Should I Buy It ?”

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On this page I offer you an ">OraMD Review – based on my personal experience using OraMD to cure gum disease and bad breath . I hope this OraMD Review fully answers all your questions.

“Why Was I Using OraMD in the First Place ?”
Some while back I had awful bad breath, my gums were starting to receed and I was getting the early stages of gum disease. At that point – quite frankly – I’d have tried anything.

I did try a number of products from the pharmacy. They made bold claims, but none of them seemed to make a jot of difference. They were no help at all.

At this point, I was desperate to fix the problem. I couldn’t wait any longer and wasn’t prepared to work my way through a long list of products which might (or might not) work.

I was searching for the “Silver Bullet”

So I had a look on the Internet
After fishing around on the Internet for a while, I found a number of ‘alternative’ products and ‘cures’. Some of them made wild claims about their capabilities and some involving messy ingredients to prepare at home.

Also there were lots of ‘clinics’ with pictures of smiling people in white coats all wanting to charge me loads of money to solve my problems.

So – what to do?

Whether it was intuition [my preferred option !] or plain luck . . . I have no idea, but I chose OraMD®.

The Testimonials swung it for me.
While I was comparing the products and trying to decide which one to go for – I saw 47 pages of great testimonials for OraMD®. As there were so many of them – and they were all so positive – I went for OraMD®.

The product arrived quickly in the mail and I started using it straight away.

Well I am so glad I did. It solved my problems in a very short while. My bad breath improved almost straight away. and I could feel a definite improvement in my gums after a week. I have continued using OraMD® and soon realised that I would never go back to toothpast ever again.

I now promote this product – and do so on the basis that I have used OraMD® and know that it works. It will work for you and your family too.

One of the really nice and unexpected benefits is that I now wake up in the morning with fresh breath.

The reason for that is that OraMD is oil based and can’t easily be rinsed away after brushing your teeth. So it keeps on working through the night, killing the bacteria that creates the sour ‘early-morning-taste’ and stale smell in your mouth.

Because of it’s natural oil composition, OraMD finds its way between your teeth, into your gums and into all the crevices where the bacteria lives. It continues working away in those hard to get at places in your mouth, that you can’t reach with your brush.

I can’t over-emphasize what a nice feeling it is to wake in the morning with fresh breath.

The same thing happens during the day – although I usually carry one of the small bottles of OraMD® around with me in case I drink tea or coffee. One drop on the tip of my tongue is enough to instantly remove ‘coffee breath’ or garlic.

So yes – OraMD® is worth the money, and yes, I’d buy it. But I’d better warn you . . . once you start using OraMD® – you can NEVER go back to toothpaste. If you do – it tastes disgusting! (and surprisingly sweet!)

I decided to buy a pack of bottles in one go to make sure I had a good stock in the bathroom cupboard. However, my partner started giving the bottles away to friends – and we nearly ran out.

Anyway – it turned out that we had all these people ringing up to find out where they could order more bottles – so it’s not just me who’s crazy about this product.

Would I recommend you to buy OraMD®?

Well I certainly recommend it on the basis that it worked [and still works] for me.

However, my mother was having painful problems with her gums. She now uses OraMD® religously every day, instead of toothpaste and she’s the MOST resistant person in the world to any sort of change. She swears by it.

If it’s good enough for her . . .

If you would like to read some facts and figures and scan through the miles of wonderful testimonials for OraMD®, you can learn more at this web page.

CLICK HERE to check out the testimonials and buy OraMD®

Bad Breath

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