Laser Gum Surgery : How You Can Avoid Gum Surgery Altogether !

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If you’re looking up “Laser Gum Surgery” because you’ve been told you have gum disease and surgery is your best option – maybe reading this will change your mind.

Firstly – I would add that this article may not apply to you if you require laser gum surgery for any other reason than having some form of gum disease. And by Gum Disease – I include any of the following:

  • Receding gums
  • Red and/or sore gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Swollen gums
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontal disease

So if your dental adviser has you lined up for laser gum surgery to deal with any of the above oral problems – you have a good chance of avoiding the pain and cost of invasive gum treatments altogether.

Are Lasers a Help or a Hinderance ?
Call me a ‘cynic’ if you like – but give someone a laser, a white coat and a sympathetic smile and you have just created a perfect way to print money.

Whether it’s tattoo removal – eyesight correction – laser gum surgery or any of the increasing numbers of applications for lasers to earn their owners generously inflated incomes – oftentimes it appears practitioners are too keen to suggest this form of treatment when something else might be available that doesn’t involve you receiving a large bill or invoice for a few minutes work.

Your Dentist Can’t Actually Cure Your Gum Disease
Whether you have traditional gum surgery or laser gum surgery for your gum disease issues – the reality is that you will only get a temporary repair for your problems.

Gum disease is progressive. So if you have your plaque mechanically removed and your gums patched up – you’re back to square one – and the process of decay starts all over again. Now you’re in an endless loop of disease – treatment – disease – treatment . . . and so on.

What your dentist won’t tell you is that there is an incredibly low-cost solution to your problems that you can complete at home and without paying your dentist a cent.

And Who Am I to Say ?
I had better say that I am not a qualified dentist or medical practitioner – however, I did have bad gum disease which I cured myself at home without any dental intervention. So I speak purely as an enthusiast.

This Is the Reason Why You Have Gum Disease
Modern toothpastes and mouthwash are not designed to protect you from oral bacteria. In fact – the chemical cocktails used to manufacture these products can damage your gums over time. They can also create an oral environment that actually encourages the harmful bacteria to breed and mutiply.

Why Is This Bacteria Harmful ?
Your mouth (and everyone else’s mouth) is full of bacteria. The bacteria lives off tiny scraps of food it finds around your mouth. Like most living organisms – the bacteria excretes waste products. These sulferous deposits are foul-smelling and as they are ejected straight into your mouth – this is the major cause of bad breath (halitosis) that so many people have. It’s also true that so few realize they have strong and unpleasant breath.

As well as the gift of bad breath – this bacteria is responsible for something much more sinister. Every minute of the day and night – these micro-organisms coat your teeth with sticky layers of bacteria that build up into a coating which quickly hardens to form plaque. Brushing and flossing has little impact on this plaque and so it continues to accumulate non-stop.

Although much of your plaque is routinely chipped away by your dental hygenist during regular dental check-ups – some of the plaque forms down your teeth – under your gums and out of sight.

This hidden plaque will eventually force your gums away from your teeth and cause your gums to shrink. This shrinkage is a form of gum disease and is usually referred to as “Receding Gums”. You may also experience soreness, bleeding and swelling at this time.

As the gums begin to lose their grip on your teeth – this gum disease can worsen. Ultimetely, you could experiense loose teeth and even lost teeth. It is because of this inevitable deterioration that laser gum surgery or conventional surgery may have been suggested as a cure for you.

However, removing the plaque and performing surgery on your gums is not going to cure your gum disease. It may suspend the immediate effects at great cost and discomfort – but the process of decay will continue unless you find a way to kill the bacteria and break the endless cycle of deterioration.

How to Kill the Harmful Bacteria
When I suffered from bad gum disease I followed many dead ends. Oral care products purchased over the pharmacy counter promise a lot – but deliver little. and I found the offer of dental care from my dentist both alarming and expensive – without the promise of a permanent cure.

After some considerable research, I discovered OraMD. This product also promised a lot but its website had 47 pages of great testimonials from delighted customers and that gave me a strong feeling that this was a good product.

Additionally – the manufacturers offered a full one year guarantee for OraMD and I felt that if they had that much confidence in their product it was worth a try. After all – I had 365 days to test the product and then get a full refund if things didn’t work out.

Boy – am I glad I did.

Over a few weeks – OraMD cured my gum disease problems – and you can read my full story by following this link “How OraMD Worked For Me”

Here’s another story from the list of testimonials on the OraMD website . . .

Greg Forbes’ Wife from Ottawa, Canada avoided costly and painful gum surgery after improved gum-health when using OraMD – Here is the Forbes’ story:

“That All Sounds Good – What Should I Do Next ?”
Obviously – it’s your decision. You can still go ahead with the laser gum surgery if that still seems the best option for you.

However, you might consider waiting until you have tried OraMD first. By giving it a try – you may find that you have saved yourself some considerable physical discomfort and avoided paying large sums of money to the people wielding lasers and scalpels.

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