Can Receding Gums Grow Back ? – Yes They Can And Here’s How You Can Do It

Can receding gums grow back ? – is a question I hear a lot.

Naturally – it’s a real worry as you look in the mirror and see more tooth and less gum. Beside the obvious cosmetic worry – there is a very important medical problem happening here with your gums. And – as I will explain – this needs to be efficiently dealt with as soon as possible.

Here’s What’s Happening to Your Gums
For a long time now – (probably for years) – plaque has been building up on your teeth. Although your dentist might have been chipping the plaque away during your dental check-ups, plaque also accumulates out of sight, under your gums.

Only 30% of your teeth are visible and the other 70% that you can’t see is usually where the problems start.

Over time – this hidden plaque build-up starts to weaken your gums and push them away from your teeth. This is a form of gum disease and it’s often accompanied by tooth sensitivity, gum redness and soreness and quite frequently there’s some bleeding when you brush and floss.

“How Can I Stop This Damage Happening ?”
There are millions of harmful bacteria that live in your mouth. It’s nothing personal – they live in all human mouths. The bacteria feed off minute food particles and excrete foul-smelling sulferous deposits directly into your mouth. It is these deposits that cause the sour taste and bad breath.

The bacteria also coats itself continually over your teeth in a sticky film. These layers build up and harden to form the plaque that causes so much gum damage.

If this plaque is not removed – your gums will continue to deteriorate and more serious forms of gum disease could set in – such as periodontal disease – that could ultimarely result in loose or lost teeth in the most neglected cases.

Clearly – this is not something you would willingly allow to happen.

The way to halt this whole process of continuoys damage is to kill the bacteria. And most importantly – to continue killing the bacteria daily – to ensure the problem never returns.

An Important Point to Consider.
It is always difficult to be completely sure that a person’s receding gums are due to gum disease.

They might be 100% caused by it – partially caused by it – or caused by something else altogether.

If you have had some problems with irregular tooth growth, a history of dental surgery, or the bristles on your tooth brush are very stiff – these physical traumas can all have an impact on gum health.

However, as about 75% of all adults worldwide experience a degree of gum disease at some time in their lives, receding gums are most often affected or worsened by gum disease.

“Can My Dentist Help Repair My Receding Gums ?”
Your dentist is great at so many things and will doubtless be very sympathetic towards your gum problems.

However, your dentist can only dig down to remove the plaque – and perform surgery to rebuild your gums. This will be both painful and expensive.

Once that treatment has been completed (and the bills paid) the process of deterioration in your mouth starts all over again.

You see – your dentist is unable to offer you a permanent cure, because he/she is unable to destroy the harmful bacteria.

However, the good news is – that you can take the matter into your own hands. By adopting a regime that continually destroys the bacteria, you will give your gums the healthy environment to heal themselves.

And even better – the home treatment I will suggest to you is extremely low-cost – when compared with your dentist’s charges.

Furthermore – you can easily do this at home – without the pain and discomfort you are likely to endure with dental surgery.

How to Stop and Prevent Gum Disease
Having asked the question – “Can receding gums grow back” – the answer is a resounding “Yes” – provided that gum disease is causing or aggravating it – and the solution is surprisingly simple.

A good while back I was suffering from terrible problems in my mouth. I had gums that were starting to recede. I had very sore and red gums that would bleed profusely when I brushed and flossed. And as a further knock to my confidence – I had bad breath.

To cut a long story short – I found Dental Pro 7 after a lot of hunting around – and this had an amazing effect. All my oral problems started to unwind – my bad breath was gone almost immediately.

My family liked using it – even my mother (aged 84) was using it – and she’s hard to please!

I was initially extremely skeptical about Dental Pro 7 – as it seemed to me it was a folksy-sounding product made entirely from pure essential oils and I couldn’t imagine how this would help me at all. I expect you will have many of the same thoughts.

However – as the manufacturer of this product guarantees it unconditionally – I figured that if they have that much confidence in their product – I should give it a try.

And I’m glad I did !

The pain and bleeding in my gums were hugely improved within a week or so – but the receding gums took a good while longer, because gums just don’t regrow that quickly.

Within a month – I was starting to notice my gums were a lot pinker and more healthy looking.

“How Will This Healing Process Work on My Receding Gums ?”
Dental Pro 7 has been scientifically formulated from 100% pure essential oils by it’s originator who suffered from the same gum problems.

The product’s chief function is to destroy your oral bacteria – and then go on controlling it on a daily basis. You simply replace your existing toothpaste and mouthwash with Dental Pro 7 and make sure you use a soft toothbrush and treat your gums with great care.

Twice a day you put two drops on your toothbrush and brush and clean exactly the same as usual. You can also add a few drops to a small amount of water to use as a mouthwash (traditional mouthwash contains alcohol which dries your mouth).

Because it is an oil – Dental Pro 7 can’t be easily rinsed away – so it goes on killing bacteria and protecting your mouth.

As there is no longer any bacteria present in your mouth – bad breath stops almost immediately and your breath is clean and fresh. This is particularly noticeable first thing in the morning on waking.

You will most likely find over time that Dental Pro 7 reduces your existing plaque – even down under your gums – as it is able to penetrate deep down (and remain there) to do its valuable work.

As the plaque starts to disappear over the months ahead – you will begin to see your gums growing back – healthy and strong again.

As I say – this can take a while and it is dependent on your receding gums being caused by gum disease.

You will be surprised at how quickly you start to notice a difference in your general gum health.

So you ask the question “Can receding gums grow back” – and the answer has to be “Yes they can – and I hope I have answered your question fully and satisfactorily.

To read more about Dental Pro 7 – so you can see if this is something you want to try for yourself – click on this link to go through to the Dental Pro 7 Website > > > Dental Pro 7 Website

I wish you great health.

Rosie Smith

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